ACM India Summer School on Shape Modelling
July 18th - July 29th, 2022
IIIT - Delhi

The summer school aims to introduce the audience to the rich field of Shape Modelling. The 2-week course begins with 2D shape analysis and proceeds towards giving an overview of 3D shape modelling and processing pipeline. The aim is to popularize shape modelling research in India, and the intended audience is senior undergraduate and post-graduate students.

List of topics:

  1. Computational Geometry
  2. Geometric Deep Learning
  3. Shape Representation
  4. Discrete Surfaces
  5. Shape Analysis
  6. Topological Descriptors
  7. Shape Deformation


ACM India Workshop on Shape Modeling


Aditya Tatu

Associate Professor, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Kaushik Kalyanaraman

Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi

Geetika Sharma

XR Consultant and Researcher

Vijay Natarajan

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Ramanathan M

Professor, IIT Madras

Siddhartha Chaudhuri

Senior Research Scientist, Adobe Research

Ojaswa Sharma

Associate Professor, IIIT-Delhi

Testimonials from Shape Modelling Summer School 2021

» "Best ever lecture sessions. Really amazing array of experts!… Focus on intuitive concept application without losing mathematical rigor is something I haven't seen in a while."

» "The lecture delivery was very smooth and interesting. Professors readily solved all the doubts."

» "The content taught was well organised and enough to make us aware of the topic."

» "Awesome lectures and it was well organised."

» "The content in the lectures was extremely well designed. It covered from an introductory to a high enough level to give a deep insight into each topic, never losing the momentum. It was high on Mathematical formulation, but then again it made us participants realize that indeed, math is important and applicable everywhere!"

» "The assignments during lab sessions were interesting as well as followed upon the theory sessions."


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